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Manifest Your Ideal Life

Who You Are

You are smart, curious and driven. You are young at heart regardless of your age. You have energy and passion for life, a creative soul and a desire to make the world a better place. You believe in science but also hold space for possibilities science hasn’t yet explained. You are looking for both recognition and meaning and believe that having to choose is compromise not intelligence. You have innate gifts and abilities that you need to share with the world, to create a better place for everyone.  You have so many ideas and ambitions that it’s hard to figure out where to start and how to keep all the balls you’ve launched up in the air. But because you want to put none of them down, you hire a coach. 

What You May Be Struggling With

You know you’ve got the goods to be amazing, but you’re not sure where to start, or how to make things happen. You’re a mover and shaker, but life has kind of tired you out and the shaking doesn’t seem to be getting you closer to what you want. You know who you are, but your self-confidence might be a little sore, and you’re in need of a boost. Your goals are clear, but the path seems to be constantly changing under your feet and getting intertwined with other roads. Your voice, that was once so strong and clear, seems more muted and you’re not sure why. The road ahead is one you know you’re ready for. What you need right now is a plan, strategy, accountability and clarity along the way.  

What You Desire

  • Clarity on your purpose and vision: Digging into your Why

  • A solid grasp of what you’re going to do (mission) and how you’re going to do it (goals)

  • A strategic roadmap to successfully achieving your goals

  • The ability to view the challenges you face from different perspectives

  • Knowledge of what makes you tick and what makes you sick

  • The ability to harness your motivation and positively direct your creative energy

  • Building and boosting your self confidence

  • Developing creative and spiritual strength in support of your goals

  • Finding or regaining the power of your unique voice.

  • Accountability and support to make your goals a reality

  • Knowing you are not alone and that you are whole as you are

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