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Great Leadership Starts Within

Leadership Development via individual coaching or group mentorship is the most impactful way of building self awareness, developing leadership skills, improving emotional intelligence and reaching peak performance.


Some Suggested Tracks and Programs

Level 1: Leading Self: Discover who you are as a leader and how you define how you lead your projects and your team; 

Level 2: Leading Others: Gaining a deep understanding of how to motivate others, closing knowledge gaps in leadership skills, and achieving razor sharp goals.

Level 3: Leading the World: Defining bold vision, gaining organizational momentum and orchestrating strategic success through mobilizing teams and followers. 

WOMEN ONLY: Leading With Grace: Women Only Leadership program addressing cultural and systemic challenges women in the workplace face, and creating the strength and strategies to overcome both internal and external speed bumps.


Individual Coaching and Group Mentorship

Coaching and Mentorship programs are designed and delivered to meet the specific needs of the individual or organization. Successful programs have been delivered to organizations such as Nestlé, Novartis, Adidas, Deloitte, and The American College of Cardiology. 

Topics Include:

  • Emotional Intelligence & Leadership

  • How Effective Leaders Communicate

  • Negotiation Skills and Conflict Resolution

  • Developing Creativity and Adaptability 

  • Strategic Leadership and Legacy
  • The role of a Master Leader: Linking Skills

  • Upholding a professional identity and managing burnout

  • Motivating and Empowering Teams

  • Influencing skills 

  • The leader as student and advocate: Mentorship and sponsorship

  • How to Create a Leadership Legacy: The Three Commandments of Evergreen Leadership

  • Discovering Your Natural Leadership Style and What It Means

  • Challenges Female Leaders Face and How To Manage Them  

  • Arrowhead Leadership: Align your strengths, your skills and your voice

  • Creating a more Diverse Workplace through empathy building

  • Discover the power of Assertiveness, walking the line between aggressive and accepting

  • Leadership Presence: How to Gain Credibility and Influence as a Woman

  • Leading Like a Lady: Leading with grace, power and authenticity

Smiling Girl

The Engage Leadership Program provides the most solid foundational core of leadership, designed to build the awareness, courage, and skill that has leaders up and running in no time.   


Who You Are: You are a young leader eager to step into your role. You are intelligent, motivated and driven but you need direction, focus and a systematic process through the Leadership journey. Your work/career goals are clear to you but you recognize that leadership skills are the tools that will take you there. You are curious, willing to stretch and not afraid to explore the world within you so you are able to bring forth what the world outside needs from you. 

What You Need Help With: Leadership is such an expansive field, where should you start? You are seeking a clear process through the leadership journey that equips you with frameworks, tools and skills that will support your growth. As a young leader, you want to explore your leadership and communication style and understand how to leverage your natural abilities best so you can lead yourself and your team to success. With all the added responsibilities on your plate, you’re trying to figure out what to take on, what to delegate, and how to maximize productivity. When conflict arises, whether it’s within you or around you, how should you deal with it? You know that leadership potential lies within, and you want support in discovering how best to fully step in, share your vision and gain buy-in.

What you will learn:

  1. Emotional Intelligence & Leadership

  2. What do you stand for? Values and Beliefs

  3. How Good Leadership Begins with Self awareness

  4. Setting a Strategic Vision and Goals

  5. Voice, Tone and Message: How Leaders Communicate with Congruence

  6. Managing Self to manage others

  7. Uncomfortable Goals, managing workload and finding your flow

  8. Your Leadership Style and the path to peak performance


The Accelerate Leadership Program creates the deepest insights into the human triggers that allow you to successfully lead others, whether you have a formal leadership title or not. 


Who You Are: You are a mid-career leader and have already spent time managing projects, leading teams and driving progress. You recognize that you’ve accrued valuable experience and skills and now is the time to accelerate leadership growth and realize your career aspirations. You understand the need to manage both up and down and you’re looking to be more strategic. You know that with targeted guidance and support, you will not only achieve the big goals you’ve set for yourself, but create incredible contributions to your organization and community. 

What You Need Help With: You have gotten a good grasp on managing your projects and team, but to take it to the next level, you now need to take a deep dive into your core skills and strengths as a leader. You need someone to shine a compassionate light on your blindspots and guide you to having a more implicit understanding of how to motivate others, how to strategically manage conflict and how to negotiate for the outcomes that matter to your mission and your organization. You hear all the time that you need to develop your influencing skills and adaptability, but you don’t have a measure of where you are on the scale and how to deliberately build those strengths. Finally, you know that your upward mobility depends on how you lead upwards but the strategy for doing this is still missing for you.You’re hungry to learn but need the tools, techniques and accountability to put it all into action.   


What you will learn:

  1. Building Social Awareness through Empathy

  2. Your Leadership Style and Strengths 

  3. The Skills of Negotiating to Yes

  4. Your Leadership blind spots and challenges

  5. Effectively Managing Conflict

  6. Delegating the ‘can’ and prioritizing the ‘must’

  7. Master Adaptability and Change

  8. Strategic Thinking and Tactical Planning

Uplifted Youth

The Master Leadership Program is the most exclusive, high-touch program offered. It is designed to stretch leadership abilities and maximize your impact on the world around you.  

Who You Are: You are a well-established leader in your field and have garnered the admiration and respect of those around you. You are beginning to question your next steps, and how your vision and legacy will be maintained as you pull back the throttle on your motivation and activities. You are eager to continue your leadership role but know that your level of engagement must change. You feel now is the time to transition from a front-of-the-line leader to an enabling leader. 

What You Need Help With: You’ve developed an incredible leadership skill set that has brought you to where you are today, but when it comes to sharing your wealth of knowledge, you are lacking the language and structure that will engage the next generation, get their buy in and have them leading the charge on your vision and legacy. You would like to relinquish control, but shifting your leadership style is easier said than done. You want to find the right people to take over some significant responsibility, but you would like to properly support and guide them forward.


What you will learn:

  1. The role of a Master Leader: Linking Skills

  2. Upholding a professional identity and managing burnout

  3. Creating and maintaining a winning strategy 

  4. Keeping teams motivated and empowered 

  5. How to Influence with power and grace  

  6. Leading from behind and enrolling disciples

  7. Expanding Your Leadership with Heart and Mind: Creating meaningful pathways

  8. The leader as student and advocate: Mentorship and sponsorship

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