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Lina Ya'qoub

Cardiologist, MD

“Kat is an amazing coach!! As a physician, Kat helped me see my strengths and weaknesses in leadership, while constantly working on innovative ways to improve the weaker points!! I have grown tremendously when I was with Kat and many of her coaching tips continue to resonate with me till now!! I would recommend Kat for anyone who is looking to have a great coaching on leadership!!”


Leslie Nasr

Author & Biz Owner

“Working with Kat was amazing. Her ability to listen, process the information given and move forward from there is one of the reasons Kat is an amazing coach throughout. In fact my experience was so positive that this encouraged me into enrolling into a life coach certification program and get my own accreditation. I would highly recommend working with Kat whether in life and or executive coaching!”


Yvonne Daher

Program Manager

“Consistently, Kat’s coaching has brought clarity and opened up so many new perspectives to get out of situations I thought I had analyzed profoundly. She has a deep ear that catches subtlety and a great analytical intelligent mind that makes subtle distinctions with these subtle details, creating a whole new range of possibilities.”


Despoina Antoniadou

Contracts Manager

“Kat has been the guiding light in my professional and personal development journey. A life coach with just the right questions to ask ! Wouldn’t be here today without her . Totally recommend her!!!”


Nayla Barakeh

Coach and Author

“Because of Kat, I have an overwhelming feeling of peace, confidence, power, happiness and freedom. She taught me how to say NO to people, things, negative thoughts, fear and every single thing that held me back for years from achieving my goals and being the person I really want to be. Kat is a beautiful combination of professionalism and kindness. I just can't thank her enough for changing my whole life.”


Sara Sadik


"Kat has been the constant beacon of light on my darkest moments of doubt and self criticism!  There is no way I would be still on this LONG and tiring (she warned me!) journey to getting published! A constant source of support and perspective. I highly recommend her as a life coach!"


Youssef Rahal

Senior Project Manager

“My executive coaching journey with Kat was exciting and fruitful, leading to a radical change needed on both personal and professional levels, and supporting an important career shift which improved my life experience. Kat helped me see my way to a new self, with her timely coaching, inspiring perseverance, & many tools that helped pave the path forward, while enjoying her comforting presence!!


Rosanne Nelson

Senior Director

“Kat is a wildly creative, thoughtful and innovative leader. She views the world via a lens of immense opportunity and growth, both for her 'self' and for others. Her curiosity, tenacity and passion for self discovery is infectious. She readily encourages those around her to lean-into each moment, and appreciate the journey alongside.”


Fadwa Al Qasem

CEO, Author, Artist

“Kat coached me on both a business level and on a personal level as an artist. Her coaching strength is founded on her outstanding ability in being analytical and caring at the same time - which I found exhilarating. She was able to tap into what made me tick, and communicate clearly and kindly. The insight I gained from working with her has improved the way I work and the way I view my work.”


Linda Hart

Education Manager

Very professional and intuitive. Excellent ability to develop effective presentations to cover messages.


Sheena Khan

Education Lead

“Coaching sessions with Kat are transformative. With her guidance I have unearthed many of my truths that I was previously not able to sit with. I have so much gratitude towards her and the coaching process.”

Ivona Cetinic

Lead Scientist

"Kat is a fantastic teacher and guide. She has sensitivity of the artist, heart of a mom, and mind of a scholar. And last is what spoke to me the most. As a scientist myself, and of critical mind, she brought concepts to me in a way that i can understand them and accept them. She encouraged me to me more tolerant (with myself), more peaceful with decisions I've made, and stronger facing the world around me."

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