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Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-Body Medicine is designed to help you reduce stress, manage anxiety and heal from the effects of trauma. The skills you will learn also improve your self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-efficacy helping you transform your life, professional career and relationships to their best expression. These skills help you feel anchored into your every day ‘now’, manage difficult situations, improve leadership skills and find more joy in being.  


This comprehensive model harnesses the fundamental principles and basic science of Mind-Body skills to teach you  different techniques of mindfulness, movement, guided imagery, biofeedback, mindful eating, spirituality and self expression in words, drawing and movement that will free you from a fear-based mindset and aligns your mind-body-soul existence to its most courageous version.


If you’re feeling burnt out, disconnected from your self, have detached from your emotions, have been under extended stress, suffer from anxiety, need to release past pain or trauma, are not feeling self-love, want to return to your true self, want to reduce anger or want to increase compassion and self-awareness, this workshop is for you!


Mind-Body Medicine Themes: 

Orientation: Open session for discussion, interview, questions

Group 1: Mind Body Medicine and Opening Drawing

Group 2: Autogenic Training and Biofeedback

Group 3: Breathing and Movement

Group 4: Meditation and Mindful Nutrition

Group 5: Guided Imagery and physiological impact

Group 6: Emotions and Dialogue with a Symptom

Group 7 (Optional): Genograms

Group 8 (Optional): Genograms, continued

Group 9: Spirituality and Compassion

Group 10: Rituals and Closing Drawings

Yoga at Home

1. Mind-Body Skills Groups: Mind-body skills groups are a series of 2-hour meetings that take place online or in-person, build on each other and run two hours a week for ten consecutive weeks (EST). Participants in these groups must remain the same from one group to another over the course of the 8-10 week program. The groups consist of a didactic education component, sharing and check-ins from each participant, and practice and integration of the skills being taught in each session. 

Benefits of groups: 

  • Ideal for participants who want to get the most benefit from mind-body medicine skills

  • Suitable for attendees who can commit and focus on a multi-week program  

  • Creates self-awareness and self-regulation practice within the sessions themselves

  • Builds connection and community among participants 

  • Strengthens the practice of skills learned in each session as they build off one another. 

Size: The group is limited to 10 people and participants must attend all ten sessions. 


1. Commit to attending all ten sessions.   

2. Participate in an orientation/pre-screening session.

3. Complete a registration form and provide a mailing address. 

4. Come with an explorer’s mindset. 


Location: Zoom Online or in-person      

 2. Mind-Body Skills Workshops: Mind-body skills workshops are a individual, independent workshops that last only 30-45 minutes each, take place online or in-person, and focus on a single practice of mind-body medicine in each one. The number of workshop participants is not limited, and participants can attend any workshops they desire. Each workshop consists of a short didactic education component followed  by practice and integration of the skills being taught in that workshop. When time allows, select participants share their experiences. 


Benefits of workshops:

  • Suitable for participants who cannot commit to a multi-week program

  • Suitable for participants with limited amount of time to attend

  • Teaches individual skills in each workshop

  • Participants can select and attend workshops of interest. 

     Size: Workshops are not limited in size and participants can select which workshops to attend. 

Requirements:  Come with an explorer’s mindset. 

Location: Zoom Online or in-person

Meditate at the beach
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