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Motivational science-based talks that inspire insight and action

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Why Have a Speaker?

Sometimes the first exposure to the power of developing strong leadership skills is an interactive talk that provides an overview of the science and practical impact of putting leadership into action. During these interactive talks, participants are exposed to the latest leadership development research and results, have the opportunity to ask questions, practice skills, and ask relevant questions.  


Speaking Topic Examples

  • Emotional Intelligence & Leadership: How knowledge of one makes you a star in the other

  • How Leaders Communicate

  • How you lead and the path to peak performance 

  • Advanced Leadership Skills: Building Social Awareness through Empathy

  • Negotiation Skills and Conflict Resolution

  • Your Leadership Blindspots and challenges

  • Mastering Creativity and Adaptability 

  • Strategic Leadership 

  • The role of a Master Leader: Linking Skills

  • Upholding a professional identity and managing burnout

  • Creating and maintaining a winning strategy 

  • Keeping teams motivated and empowered 

  • Influencing skills 

  • Expanding Your Leadership with Heart and Mind: Creating meaningful pathways

  • The leader as student and advocate: Mentorship and sponsorship

  • How to Create a Leadership Legacy: The Three Commandments of Evergreen Leadership

  • Discovering Your Natural Leadership Style

  • Challenges Female Leaders Face and How To Manage Them  

  • Arrowhead Leadership: Align your strengths, your skills and your voice

  • Microaggressions: How to spot them, and how to deal with them  

  • Discover the power of Assertiveness, walking the line between aggressive and accepting

  • Leadership Presence: How to Gain Credibility and Influence as a Woman

  • Leading Like a Lady: Leading with grace, power and empathy 

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