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If you’re looking for clarity of purpose, want a better strategy to your goals, need to build a solid plan, want to make more money, find and use your voice, stand more firmly in your power, or start a business/project, I can help!

Executive, Leadership and Life Coaching

Welcome to Audacity Activated! I’m excited you’re here. 


I spent my first few years as a professional in highly technical fields surrounded and led by leaders who failed to understand, motivate or inspire their workforce. I noticed a common theme: exceptional individuals in their fields were being catapulted into leadership positions with little or no training in leadership. The very skills and behaviors that made them exceptional specialists were often the behaviors that were hindering their growth and presence as leaders. Professionals with incredible potential were being tripped up by too much intellectualizing and not enough humanizing. 


I was moved to change that. Audacity Activated Inc. was born out of this need to develop in others an adjacent skill set that would engage the whole person, activate emotional intelligence and create strong, authentic and self-aware leaders. 


Today, I’m an award-winning ICF-certified coach and facilitator with over 10 years of experience in emotional intelligence training, professional development, creativity and leadership coaching. I’ve worked with startups, SME’s, NGO’s and multinational organizations globally including Deloitte Consulting, Adidas, and Novartis on topics such as Creativity and Innovation, Team building and of course, Leadership! 


In my coaching practice, I use evidence-based research, globally validated assessment tools, robust metrics and solid data as an integral part of my coaching work. As a heart-centered professional, I help high performers engage their whole being (intellect, emotions, creativity and spirituality) to activate their full potential and stand wholly in their authentic power.


I’m excited for you to join me on a journey of growth, evolution and personal revolution! 

With gratitude,   


Kat Niewiadomska, PHD

Life and Leadership Strategist



Kat Niewiadomska, PhD, CPCC, ACC

Kat Niewiadomska, PhD is an award winning executive, leadership and life coach helping high performing women achieve the goals that bring them the most purpose, passion and prosperity. She has over 10 years of experience and has worked with startups, SME’s, NGO’s and multinational organizations globally including Deloitte Consulting, Adidas, and Novartis on topics such as Creativity and Innovation, Team building and Leadership development.


Kat is also a mind-body skills practitioner and an award winning author and artist, helping others step fully into their power holistically.

Kat has always been curious about people and turned an Engineering Master’s degree at MIT into a research dissertation on how humans learn and while she worked on her PhD in Environmental Science she wrote a book that was a finalist in the international book awards.


When she realized that her education didn’t fit with her values, she made the leap from working with underwater robots and writing software to working with people and writing creatively. Watch her TEDx talk on The Power of Distraction to find out how.


As a coach, Kat helps people redesign their lives, unlock their creativity and become the heroes of their own story. She is a mother of three and believes that success in life is having freedom, love and creativity.

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow, What a ride!"

- Hunter S. Thompson


Jean-Paul Chami - Conflict Transformation Consultant (Beirut, Lebanon)

"Working with Dr. Katarzyna is an ongoing learning journey whether one is a participants or part of the coordination team. There is no way that anyone can work with her without acquiring ways to better manage groups and deliver knowledge and skills to individuals in the smoothest and most subtle way possible. Few people I have worked with has her enthusiasm and are willing to go the extra mile, wait, I meant, those extra mile(s), in order to reach the objectives while making sure that the process is bringing value to each person associated with it.
I hope our paths will cross again!"


  • ICF Certified Coach, ACC

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CPCC

  • Certified Creativity Coach, CCC

  • Emotions and Behaviors at Work (EBW - UK) Accredited Facilitator

  • Team Management Systems (TMSDI® - UK) Accreditation Facilitator

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate, USF

  • Advanced Professional Practitioner in Mind-Body Medicine, CMBM, Washington DC

  • B.E. Electrical Engineering, SUNY, NY

  • M.S Engineering, MIT, Cambridge, MA

  • PhD Environmental Science, UPMC, Paris



  • Brainz CREA Global Awards Recipient for Innovation and Creativity, 2021

  • !00 Best Global Coaching Leaders 2017

  • Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine, Contributor to Thrive Global

  • TedX Speaker: The Power of Distraction 

  • Award Winning Author 


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